Contact Us

We are a small family business, that is intent on making all of these collections in America.  Some of you asked why we haven't put in a line of shoes or certain accessories, and the answer is simple.  The work isn't done in the US.  With that said, we'd LOVE to hear your ideas - especially on new collections and/or an addition to an existing collection. 

And of course we're more than happy to speak with you on things you liked and things you didn't like about your purchase, so we can make your experience better.  We're in this for the long hall, because designing the collections is great fun, and we know that many of the items will bring a smile to your face!

We hope to keep adding 4-10 pieces each week to the collection, so we hope you sign-up for our newsletter.  We'd love to show you these as they go into production.  

And we hope you share what you like with your friends.  The more input we get, the better these collections become.

Until we get a bigger staff, here's how to reach us:

Click this link: and you will see that it opens up a message for you to send us in your email.